Lifelong learning.

Provoking reflection and action since 1998.




I was born in Sao Paulo in 1962. I had an unusual career, started in the 80's as DJ, radio announcer and TV presenter in Brasilia, where I was raised. 

Moved back to Sao Paulo in 87, as an ad agency executive and climbed the corporate ladder in agencies as Ogilvy and Wunderman with new business and account planning positions. Before starting my business I was CMO in the financial market. 

Allways in Beta mode, learning and searching for the next big idea, my entrepreneurial moves in retail, sports, events, entertainment and culture where a mix of failures and successes (more of the former, but fast, and in different things), therefore, I allways won with the lessons learned.

Today, I share those failures, successes and learnings with leaders, teams and fellow entrepreneurs.  

"My work is focused in uderstanding and working with the daily challenges inside organizations, leaders and teams.

In a world of shattered attention, shallow relationships and the rise of burnout and mental illnesses, the main goal is to create and reinforce human relationships and healthy workplaces.

A more conscious organizational culture.

To achieve that goal, I use disruptive approaches with neuroscience support aiming for higher performances and  flow states activation, looking ahead for a post agile world."


I'm a researcher, author, facilitator and speaker on high performance processes.

My work leans toward people, organizations and teams.

I published books, videos and articles in human development, HR, organizational culture and performance.



Provocative content for leaders and teams.

Strenghtening culture and relationships, building an individual and collective higher consciousness state, is the purpose behind my work. 

My talks, workshops and retreats use tools that range from games and simulations to mindhacking content in order to face the VUCA world challenges and flip the switch from an individualistic culture to a collaborative / co-creative culture. 

The content is based in research, trends, benchmarks and success factors shared through cases and experiential activities. 

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